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Looking for access to deeper wisdom, self trust and health?

Welcome to the home of AccessMarketPlace, Inner Access 101 and Lori Wilson & Grandmother. These three divisions provide you access to trusted health resources, professional services and intuittion-based training.

• Since 1983, Founder Lori Wilson has been encouraging people to trust themselves, access their own intuitive skills and seek quality resources for their overall health. This vision continues to expand yearly. If inner access is what you are looking for, you are in the right place!

AccessMarketPlace is an on-line Health Referral Network. Enjoy optimal health. Browse through AccessMarketPlace to find Profiles of trusted health resources that have been referred to add to your helping team. Health professionals can browse for trusted colleagues and print out the AMP Profile for their clients.

Inner Access 101 specializes in intuition-based training including: Access Intuition 101; Medical Intuition; Sales and Business Intuition and Artist Intuition. Want to make better decisions and have access to wisdom you may not have thought was possible? Join our 10,000+ students who now know that intuition is a skill set – not a mystical gift. Browse the In-Person and On-Line Courses to see how to make the best decisions for your life, health and work.

• The dynamic team of Lori Wilson and Grandmother continue to inspire, teach, de-mystify and offer direct access to higher wisdom through daily inspirations, books, LIVE Webinars, specialty seminars and private appointments. Make sure to check out the Daily Focus free for everyone in the On-Line Course section of our site. Download hundreds of learning opportunities and learn at your own pace and in your own chosen setting. Expand your life and intuition skills today.

• Visit the On-Line Courses often. New material and resources are added weekly.

Our Mission is "Changing worlds ... with inner trust"