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Where is that Wisdom Coming From?
by Lori Wilson

In the past few years, more and more people are asking themselves ... where are this ever increasing "hits" of wisdom coming from. You may be walking in nature or driving your car and hear a little helpful message pop into your head. You may be at work or greet a loved one and "sense" that something is not quite right. Sometimes you might feel an unrelated physical symptom just jump into your body. What are these pieces of information that bombard us each day and where are they coming from?

Intuition, wisdom, higher guidance, guardian angles, psychic wisdom, guides, channeled wisdom, medical intuition, gut feelings ... and even your good old "spidey-sense" are some ways that this increase in heightened intuition can be described. Like it or not, intuition is here to stay. It is a natural skill and human resource that we have all been born with. Dependent on the social culture or politics of the times, it may have been fostered or stamped out of us. Since 1989, which ushered in a great time of planetary and energy shifts, many people have been tuning not higher wisdom and trusting themselves more. We are not the same people we were back then. More recently in the last 5 years, we have experienced a second surge of this natural way of being. Much of this is also thanks to the expanding media coverage and published works that are giving credibility to this exciting birthright tool.

Just as there are many places we can access wisdom and resources in visible and tangible ways, so are there as many places to access the more invisible sources of wisdom. As you hear a little helpful message during your walk or upon drifting off to sleep ... do you know where it is coming from? We can train ourselves to discern between the various sources of wisdom. First you might want to have an idea of what sources of higher wisdom are out there. There is our own wisdom, our internal wise, clear voice that is often referred to as our higher self, or wise self. Then there are a host of guides or guardians that each and everyone has available to them at all times. These Guides can be in many forms, but their overall role is to support and guide us. Sometimes the support comes in conscious ways, and at other times they are very subtle. We can receive guidance, support and wisdom from nature, from animals, from loved ones who have passed on, from our body, from energies not of this earth, from planets, from legendary or mythical characters and more.

Time and practice will be your biggest allies becoming more open to these subtle energies and messages. Being willing to not censor and to let the information flow is also helpful. Take the first thing that pops into your awareness or mind. It may be a word, a phrase, a song, a symbol, a picture, a color. Try not to censor or figure it all out. Get accustomed to the energy and imagine that it is here to help. Explore the energy, messages or sensations without needing to understand it all fully. You have a right to ask questions, to invite the energies of higher wisdom to be present ... and to structure the way you wish to be a part of this privileged exploration. There is no need to entertain all sorts of wise energies when you are trying to sleep before a busy day. Structure your exploration. Relax, breathe, have an opening and a closing routine to help set the structure to these newer relationships. Writing things down is helpful and keeps your busy mind from interfering too much.

Will you feel like you are making it all up to be journalling messages from great Aunt Sally who passed on when you were four, or to be communing with the Oak Tree in your back yard? Absolutely! Making it up is a great way to frame this new experience. If you are simply making things up, then you can let the information or sensations flow more easily. Can you get into trouble spots practicing trusting your own inner wisdom and other sources floating around out there? Not really. Only if you are experiencing extreme circumstances of mental instability are you under any risk of losing track of your grounded life while tuning into other potential wisdom.

Once you have got a sense of the different sources of wisdom that are available and an idea how you experience them differently you will be in a better position to draw on this extra wisdom at will. It does not ever replace solid help from everyday resources, but is a great tool for those double checks and extra doses of support we can also stand to have in life. Some practitioners offer intuitive services using titles such as: channeling, psychic readings, mediumship and medical intuition. In all you do, be a discerning and educated consumer. Ask good questions and do not be shy if you do not understand where they are getting the information from. It is all well and good to be impressed by a person who can tune into your energy field and share some accurate information with you, but know where they got that information from. After all, many other professions have expertise we do not fully understand at first. Ask questions so that you can become more oriented to how they work.

Did a practitioner tune into a 3 rd party through one of their wise guides and channel that wisdom for you? Did they receive it in a psychic impression directly from your own energy field that holds all information ? Did they access the information through your physical body by a medical intuition scan? Did they get the message from a loved one who you would know who has passed on into what mediums refer to as "spirit"? These are just some of the more common ways that people receive their intuitive information and share it with clients.

If you asked 100 Intuitives how they do their work, you would likely get as many different answers. Consider for a moment, the Body to be an electrical system. Both the Body itself and the energy field surrounding the Body are electrically charged. Within this charge, or energy field, all information about it's past and present and some even believe it's future are stored. The Body remembers incidents, feelings, thoughts and stores information about outside influences as well.

You need be comfortable and knowledgeable about where practitioner information is coming from, to truly use the information for your best and highest good. If a practitioner can not tell you where they get their messages from, then find someone else. If you are receiving advice, recommendations or directions about your life and especially your health, ask again, where this information is coming from. Be a scientist in your own life. Notice how different sources of wisdom sound and feel. There is an incredible amount of information available to all and it is written all over your energetic field. In time, we will all learn how to pick up on these seemingly invisible bits of information and wisdom. Until then, explore, be discerning and playful. Above all, trust your own self. You are always the one that knows you best!

Copyright © Lori Wilson 2003


Defining the 5 Styles of Medical Intuition
by Lori Wilson

Can the body really talk? Many healers and medical intuitives experience this to be true. More so, they can hear, sense, see and dialogue with this unique companion that we call the body. How can they do it? How can body communicate with others who may not even know us? This is a question that has been asked and studied in numerous ways over centuries. Indeed, energy is everywhere. Energy can be measured, felt, communicated and changed by interacting with other energy sources. So why has it been so hard for us to imagine that the body can communicate with us energetically as well?

Medical Intuition is a field that is recognized and growing as a way to tune into the body’s wisdom. In all fields, it is important that we honor the founders of the work. The actual term “Medical Intuition” was coined several years ago by Dr. Norm Shealy, a renowned M.D. and advocate of holistic health while working with an intuitive, Carolyn Myss. Both are pioneers in the field of what many of us now refer to as medical intuition. While this field of study is relatively new by way of public and professional use, many traditional healing practitioners, intuitives, psychics, channelers, family members and people in general have been “tuning” in for eons. So how are they tuning in and what exactly are they tuning into?

If you asked 100 medical intuitives how they do their work, you would likely get as many different answers. Consider for a moment in simple terms, that the body is an electrical system. Both the body itself and the energy field surrounding the body are electrically charged. Within this charge, or energy field, all information about it’s past and present and some even believe it’s future are stored. The body remembers incidents, feelings, thoughts and stores information about outside influences as well. People who are intuitive or have trained themselves to pay attention to energy may perceive what the body is communicating to them in a variety of ways. Some may hear, see or sense words, symbols, pictures, movies, see x-ray images or sense physical sensations within their own body.

5 Different Styles of Perceiving

While there are many ways medical intuitives describe the way that they work, there appears to be five distinct styles or ways of perceiving the information that the body shares. Some medical intuitives perceive information relating to a client’s body or health while doing what is commonly referred to as an intuitive or psychic reading. They may be focusing on their client’s energy field and specific areas either randomly present themselves or information comes forth when it is queried. How can information like this just come up you might ask? In our energy field, many blue print memories or conditions are very energetically “loud” or electrically charged. Strong emotions, trauma, physical injury, accidents, sickness, disease and even strong beliefs work their way to the forefront of the energy field and can often be sensed or perceived by sensitive people.

A second way of perceiving information about or from the body is through channelling information from guides. Many medical intuitives are receiving the information from the body from a third party. These guides are most commonly people, animals or other energies who may be in spirit or do not communicate with words. In this style it is the third party, their guide, who from their place of higher wisdom reflects upon the client and their body.

Many practitioners who work with the body find that information literally jumps out at them as they interact in a healing fashion with their client’s body. Some of these medical intuitives use their insight gained as part of their healing tools, while others use the information gathered only.

A fourth style of medical intuition are trained to follow a specific system or “map” as they approach the body. For example, they may use a checklist to move throughout the body looking for areas that draw their attention, or has an energy blockage. These practitioners then focus their attention in a deliberate fashion using specific tools with which they have been trained to use. Many look at the body under the lens of pre-established maps such as auras, chakras, meridian lines, archetypes, colors or fields of study that assign specific emotions to designated areas or organs in the body. This is very much the style of pioneers Drs. Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss. This style is rooted in a medical model that seeks to identify key problem areas, provide diagnoses and measurable conditions.

A fifth distinct style of medical intuitives are trained to scan the body in a systematic fashion yet discipline themselves not to used established maps or modalities to interpret what the body is sharing. These practitioners use the physiology as an entry point, listen, attend and follow whatever shows up to completion. Here the body paints a portrait of what is so. These practitioners report what they observe, experience or hear as each unique body provides. In this style, sourcing where the body-messages are coming from is key. This is the style used in Medical Intuition: Lori Wilson’s Total Body Intuition TM which is rooted strongly in a psychology/social work model. Here the practitioner attends and follows the body with a specificity that often uncovers root causes of conditions that can be useful to the client’s healing team.

Of course, this leaves at least 95 more styles and definitions of medical intuition for you to explore! Many medical intuitives combine information gathering with healing or recommendations. Many use it strictly as an information gathering tool. This work can be done in person or over a distance.

If you are considering engaging the services of a medical intuitive, do be an educated consumer. Currently this is not a regulated field and it is very easy to be impressed by an intuitive practitioner who can pick up on things in your body and life. Ask many questions. Have a clear understanding of how they are doing this work. Ask how they are receiving this information, what is their background and training and what it their knowledge base in physiology. If they are providing diagnoses or recommendations, are they trained to do this? Are the recommendations coming from your own body or their own practitioner knowledge base or personal preferences?

Be an discerning consumer as we all work together to bring credibility, research and professional & ethical standards to this exciting field. You deserve direct and clear information from your body. Medical intuition can provide important pieces of your wellness puzzle. Regardless of the style of medical intuition, do take the information gained through this work to members of your own healing team to explore what pieces of the puzzle hold value for them. Ultimately trust yourself. After all, you have lived with your body 24 hours a day since you were born.

Copyright © Lori Wilson 2003


Who Knew We Could Stabilizing Fear
Book Review by Mandala Books, London Ontario 2006

Fear. We all know it well. It is one of the most influential motivators of our time, but what do we truly know about it? We can be run by it, challenged by it, inspired to creative heights by it and paralyzed from being our true selves by fear. A little red booklet called Stabilizing Fear may have some of the answers you are looking for to fully grasp how to handle fear. It is short and to the point. In 24 pages, author, Lori Wilson takes fear out of the closet and encourages us to put this thing called fear in proper context. She talks about fear as being a “fearful child” and shared a clear perspective about fear based on channeled wisdom from her spirit guide, Grandmother. Grandmother who is a wise and loving Shoshone Elder from the 1400’s surely would have learned a great deal about fear since she was around at the time in history when fear itself was instrumental in the demise of many of her native people. Wilson, a social worker who has worked with clients and students since 1983 has also seen her share of what fear can do to people’s lives. Yet neither Lori nor Grandmother seem angry or fearful themselves when teaching us about fear. Instead, they encourage us to be clear about what fear really is.

Wilson offers her unique and practical perspective on the choices we have around fear and why she believes that fear as a motivator has accelerated now over the last few years. We are challenged to look at how fear grows and how to identify our own fears. Simply put, Wilson maintains that:

“1) Fear grows because it serves someone’s agenda. Once we are aware of this simple reality, we can begin to step back and ask who is being served by fear growing. It is not a reality we need to judge or feel angry about, it is something we simply need to be aware of. Whose agenda is being served and what is their agenda?

2) Secondly, fear grows because we let it. This is when we need examine our own agendas. It may actually serve our agenda to stay small like a needy-child. This way we can hope that someone will swoop in to take care of us, someone will save us or save the day. Since many of us have not been taught how to be creative and to be our own best authority on us from firm and loving adults/parents, we often lack in tools and basic personal staying power. We give up too easily and adult fear with the promise of looking after things, bullies its way to the top of the pile.”

Dealing with our own fears is one matter, but dealing with them when they show up in others is another world altogether. Stabilizing Fear gives us succinct, concrete steps to keep fear in proper context including strategies of what to do when fear shows up in others. In all she does, Wilson encourages us to deal with fear in positive, productive and compassionate ways. She says we have two choices regarding fear when it comes our way. “We can respond as adults and use fear as a tool to know ourselves better. And the second choice regarding fear is that we can respond as a child and be run by it.” It is interesting to hear something so large, spoken about in such practical terms. Wilson reminds us to stay in our adult, thinking brains when fear shows up. It is hard to keep thinking clearly when we are being run by fear within ourselves or from others. The author maintains that if “we respond in our younger ways (to fear) in simplest terms, the strongest bully wins. In simplest terms, whoever can instill the most fear has the upper hand.”

To be a firm and yet compassionate adult around fear may be easier said than done! The summary guide at the end of Wilson’s book, Stabilizing Fear gives us the structure we need to deal with this enormous energy when dealing with fear in our own lives. Not since Louise Hays little blue book, Heal Your Body came out over 20 years ago has there been such a little book with such a potent message! A must read for helping professionals, as well as those of us who feel bumped around by fearful behaviors of others. Bullies and those who seek to control by instilling fear and confusion in us need not have the ultimate upper hand. We get blinded and confused by the nature of fearful behavior. Perhaps this can change, by not banishing or fighting fear, but as author Lori Wilson, invites us … by stabilizing fear in our lives once and for all!

See Stabilizing Fear by Lori Wilson



How to Choose the Right Medical Intuition Practitioner
for You

Each of us will have specific needs while shopping for a medical intuition practitioner. Each practitioner will have a unique way in which they do their work. Recall the styles discussed in Chapters 6 and 7. There are many differences and specializations within these styles. Just as you might say, “I'm hungry!” and set about finding the best restaurant that would suit your tastes, dietary needs and budget, so will you have to appreciate the varied selections while shopping for medical intuition support.

You may find the following checklist of questions helpful as you interview potential medical intuition practitioners. You may also want to make a few notes about your health and physical symptoms. While shopping for a medical intuition practitioner, do take time to determine how what they offer matches up with your needs as a client or referring health colleague.

Shopping for a Medical Intuition
Practitioner Checklist

 Please outline a typical appointment for me.

 How long have you been providing this service to clients?

 Where are you getting the information from? What is your source of wisdom? (i.e., use the 5 styles as a basic frame of reference for discussion: psychically, channeled by guide(s), healer's hits, maps, attending style, or other style altogether?)

 How do you tune into my body/energy field to get the relevant information?

 Are you trained in any other healing modalities? Which ones?

 If trained in other healing modalities, do you offer your medical intuition session as a separate service or in combination with the other healing modalities?

 Do you do your work in person or long distance over the telephone?

 Do you do the scan or reading prior to our meeting, or will you do it during our appointment?

 How will I receive the feedback from your scan or reading? Will it be written? Taped? Will I be required to write my own notes?

 Do you use a consent form? If so, how do I fill it out prior to our work?

 Do I give you any health details prior to the appointment or do you prefer to know nothing? Do you need my full name, age, or any other demographic details?

 May I bring another person (friend or other healing team member) to the appointment or join the telephone call when I am receiving the feedback? If not, why not?
Have you been formally trained for this or have you developed your skills on your own?

 Are you certified? If so, with whom? How long have they been in operation? Do they have a website so I may read more about your training?

 Do you have a website, brochure, client testimonials?

 How long have you been doing medical intuition?

 Will there be time in the appointment for me to ask questions to either clarify the information shared or ask questions about things that did not come up in the scan or reading?

 Do you diagnose? If so, what is the process?

 Do you offer healing recommendations? If so, from where are these recommendations coming: my body, a guide, your own expertise or training?

 How long does it take to get an appointment?

 Does this service happen in one appointment or over several appointments?

 What is your fee? What method(s) of payment do you accept?

 Will there be any follow up? If so, what is the process?

 Do you make referrals?

 Do you work with other health professionals? If so, how do you network with them regarding shared clients?

'How to Choose the Right Medical Intuition Practitioner for You'

'Shopping for a Medical Intuition
Practitioner Checklist'

as excerpted from ...
de-mystifying ... MEDICAL INTUITION
by Lori Wilson Copyright © 2006
ISBN 0-9681481-1-5




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