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Since 2003 Lori Wilson has trained 18 individuals as Inner Access 101 trainers. These competent trainers have completed certification and excelled in the classes which they are teaching. They have also  completed an additional 1 - 2 year Inner Access 101 Trainers Program which includes observation, coaching and co-teaching. They are all accomplished healers and teachers in their own fields.

We are proud to introduce you to our excellent Training Team.

Please meet our Active Trainers below. To learn more about an individual trainer or to book an appointment with them, please visit the Practitioner Listings.

Kelly Woodruff

Kelly Woodruff is a designer, teacher, yogi and performing artist. Hailing originally from the arts, Kelly trained in Theater Arts at Florida State University and danced with several dance companies around the country. After years traveling and enjoying success as an actor and Broadway performer, he moved his creative efforts to interior design. Kelly is a partner in the exclusive design company Bohn Architects and Design in New York City. In 2010 he launched his own furniture line D4D - Design for Designers. Never one to stop learning Kelly also is an accomplished yogi, has an active healing practice, is an intuitive and instructor. He is one of the founding graduates of the Business Intuition and the co-creator of the Artist Intuition training at Inner Access 101. You will be captivated by Kelly's scope, his incredibly real essence and engaging teaching style.

Terri Wiebold

Terri Wiebold is a board Certified Holistic Nurse currently managing a holistic nursing private practice. Since 1990, Terri has been specializing in medical intuition, energy therapies, and teaching these modalities. As a board certified holistic nurse and medical intuitive, Terri's educational/clinical experience with people, and background in anatomy, physiology, the human body, and energy field provides an excellent foundation to assist individuals to heal. Her commitment to her clients is to empower individuals to listen to their inner knowing and make educated choices for healing.

Sandi Loytomaki

Sandi Loytomaki is a Shamanic healer, a teacher and an advocate of knowledge. There is no place in her vocabulary for "not possible." A brilliant scholar, patient healer, expert witness and willing colleague, Sandi creates more hours in each day to fulfill her multiple missions. She is a respected friend and advocate within many aboriginal communities. Sandi lives in Waterloo, Ontario. You will laugh and learn well with this impeccable trainer.


Susan Rueppel

Susan Rueppel is an international Business Intuitive, Medical Intuitive, author, speaker and trainer. She helps entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate executives use intuition to grow their business by expanding their vision, gaining clarity, focus and confidence through specific strategies and a practical, prioritized path forward. Susan artfully blends her well-honed intuition from extensive study and 20 years as a professional intuitive impeccably with 30 years of business in Corporate America. She has a thriving private practice in Sacramento, California and extends her services to international audiences by phone and Skype offering intuitive consultations, group programs, training and mentoring. Susan loves to provoke thought to facilitate personal and professional growth. She is passionate about sharing the wonders of intuition in ways that are practical and easily accessible for tangible results all areas of business, health and life. You will enjoy Susan's passion, contagious sense of humor and breadth of knowledge when training with her.

Lisa Dennys

Diane Wilson is a trainer who began working with intuitive tools to help her parent two non-verbal special needs children. She is certified as a Channeling professional, and has also studied Medical Intuition, BOS, Iridology, Integrative Healing, and Therapeutic Touch. Her initial background is in the corporate (marketing) realm – National Sales Manager for TIME and PEOPLE magazine(s) in Canada. Diane also served extensively in the Toastmasters organization – leading, speaking and training. Currently she lives in Burlington with her son Jarrett, and is writing the books that will share the impactful lessons of her journey with Carling and Colton – her two children now living on the other side of life’s veil. She is grateful for the essential tools that Inner Access 101 provided her – to use on a practical level every day for over 10 years. She invites all to explore their valuable use for their own paths!

Lisa Dennys

Lisa Dennys is an experienced health care practitioner trained in both Eastern and Western medicine. She has successfully blended her modalities and offers her skills to individuals as well as groups through her private practice and teaching. A self professed "skeptic" Lisa has studied extensively and practiced in a variety of traditional and complimentary settings. She brings this same passion and impeccable attention to detail to her teaching. Lisa lives in Sarnia, Ontario where she teaches, writes and works with clients. She can be found balancing this all with play, her husband Jeff, and her golden retriever Chelsea. You will enjoy your learning with this caring, attentive and warmhearted trainer.

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"Changing worlds ... with inner trust."