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Assume your full partnership with your guide(s) and understand the posture required to maximize your work together. Create your own working agreements and clarify the style you will use as a team. Establish body cues, guidelines and format with your guide(s) that will help set the format for your appointments with clients.

Explore the very real world of marketing and how to package the services that you have to offer. Too many excellent practitioners do not get to do what they are good at and what they love because they lack the business and marketing skills required to build a successful private practice. Discover your unique target niche and find out what works and does not work in helping others find you.

Deepen your bond with your guide(s) and practice your post as a professional channeler. Uncover your own challenges and work out the “kinks” in a structured setting with like-minded professionals. Come and practice and play as we ready ourselves to serve with these additional tools.


Have you ever thought of offering your intuitive skills as a professional service? Come and learn more about how to do this very thing. Whether you wish to blend your intuition or channeling skills into your existing practice and career or offer channeling as a separate service altogether, Lori Wilson and her Spirit Guide, Grandmother will walk you through concrete steps on how to do it.

Building on your skill set from the pre-requisite 3-day Training, Access Intuition 101 , Lori will coach you to new levels of refinement communicating with your own personal Guides and clarify your role in working with them. In this class, you will focus on determining which Guide suits you best in an ongoing professional relationship, your areas of expertise and specialization and how to package and present this service to potential clients.


This 3-day training relies heavily on in-class practice, demonstrations and individual coaching to hone and develop your own personal channeling style. Exercises to facilitate inner reflection and dialogue with your Guide(s) will also complement the teaching material. One entire day is dedicated to defining, packaging and marketing your services as a professional, so bring your ideas and any promotional material you may already have in print or rough form. This class is ideally suited for those who have already given some time, thought and practice to connecting with one or many Guides. It is a class that immerses you exciting relationship with your “Working Guide.”

Lori Wilson's Spirit Guide, Grandmother says ...

”We are in need of good sturdy people who can bring forth the wisdom and love from those of us who many believe are still beyond life’s ever thinning veil. We are in need of good ears and eyes who can see and hear us and who will relay our hearts in ways that are clear and untouched by fear or the need to manage others.

It is not so much the knowledge and wisdom that we bear that is so essential ... but rather it is the trust that this sort of connecting can be done that is in need in our world right now. We thank you in advance for your commitment to partnering with this thing called trust. We look very much forward to the opportunity to serve, through you and your attending skills. Be blessed. ”


This training is open to those who have completed Access Intuition 101 formally called Intuition & Channeling Higher Wisdom. Those demonstrating competency in this class will be eligible, if they wish, to promote their services via Inner Access 101 Internet Resource Network.

Training Schedule / Flyer & Registration.

3 - Consecutive Days
Fri, Sat & Sun 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

$480.25 (CAN) ......$425. (USA)

Payment in full due upon registration. All CAN fees include HST.
Questions? .............519-824-6655


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View listings of channeling practitioners that are certified with Inner Access 101 & Lori Wilson. We are very proud to offer you this Resource Network of caliber professionals that we know and who have attended both the Access Intuition 101™ and Channeling As A Profession courses. They come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and geographic locations. Many of these channelers also offer additional health services. All are trained to do their work from a long distance and many also provide in person appointments. You are welcome to review the listing of practitioners available and make inquiries regarding their services and the guides they channel. Most practitioners provide you with an audio recording of your session. Enjoy!

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