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Bhawani Sinanan

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Lori Wilson


Bhawani Sinanan
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since 1983

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Lori Wilson B.A., M.S.W., is a social worker, author, weekly radio show host, trainer and founder of Inner Access 101 and AcccessMarketPlace. Lori has been providing channeling, regression, medical intuition, business intuition and traditional counseling in a successful private practice since 1983. Her background in community development provide the tools and framework for the unique business model for all three divisions of her companies.

A key influence in shaping the foundation skills and values of Lori’s specialization in intuition is Grandmother, the ancient Shoshone spirit guide that Lori has been consciously channeling since 1989. Grandmother came gently into her awareness through journal writing and has since been a key inspiration to hundreds of thousands through her monthly website focus, books, radio show wisdom. Enjoy endless opportunities to learn from this wise teacher throughout the Lori & Grandmother division of the Inner Access 101 On-Line Store. You may also enjoy her Blog at



Lori Wilson

PO Box 277
Guelph, Ontario
N1H 6J9
Phone 519.824.6655

.In 1994, recognizing that the demand for service had far exceeded her personal availability Lori started to actively teach others the skills she had learned and developed. This has created a strong network of high caliber practitioners and Trainers who offer these same specialized services in: Channeling; Artist Intuition; Medical Intuition; Sales & Business Intuition; and Regression.

Three decades later, Lori Wilson and Inner Access 101 added a new on-line Health Referral Network called AccessMarketPlace that promotes trusted referrals to those are searching the internet daily for quality health care services.


"Public interest in seeking solid support continues to grow yearly. I believe that self-exploration, self-trust and inner wisdom are here to stay. Everything I offer seeks to empower and de-mystify. Intuition is not a mystical gift but rather a skill set that can be developed. I have dedicated my life to providing opportunities to obtain these natural, birthright skills."


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