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Lisa Dennys


Lisa Dennys

B.Sc.(OT), D.C.M., D.Ac., CPC

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since 1994

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Power Coaching® (Health, Wellness & Life Coaching),
Medical Intuition
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Lisa Dennys helps her clients access key information needed for effective decision-making around both their health and businesses, and guides them through the processes of priority-setting and implementation. Lisa helps clients clarify the complex roots of their challenges and build effective strategies to improve the outcomes they achieve in the most important areas of their personal lives and businesses.

Lisa is an author, life coach, medical intuitive and business intuitive. She has worked in health care and personal transformation fields since 1977. Previous professions of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture and Occupational Therapy, and years of holistic health continuing education, have given her a broad perspective on health and illness. An insatiable learner, self-awareness advocate and health detective, Lisa sought answers to her own chronic health concerns. This led to publishing her book in 2015, Unveiling Lyme Disease: Is This What’s Behind Your Chronic Illness?

Lisa’s clients living with complex chronic illness learn how to strategically build their internal sources of intuition and strength, as well as finding key external health care resources. Clients learn skills needed to navigate conventional and holistic health care systems: self-advocacy, and the screening and hiring of a team of specifically skilled professionals. Lisa guides clients to explore and shift how their unique history, attitudes, emotions and behaviors inter-relate with their own illness expression.

Entrepreneurs, including health professionals, work with Lisa to ensure that their client practice or business is authentically aligned with their personal and professional goals, including their desire to maintain their own health and well-being, prevent burnout and ensure success.


Lisa Dennys
B.Sc.(OT), D.C.M., D.Ac., CPC

769 London Rd.
Sarnia, Ontario
N7T 4X7

Phone 519.336.7219
Fax 519.336.7316

Lisa is based in Sarnia, Ontario, supporting clients in-person and online. Imagine feeling informed and confident about your own key decisions and having absolute clarity about your next step...Visit for more information, to schedule your 30-minute complimentary ‘Discovery Call’, and to access online links to purchase her book.



"I have spent my life exploring who we are, our place in the world, what makes us healthy and what challenges us on a deep level. My goal is to facilitate personal growth and expansion in my clients and students, by offering tools that promote compassionate life evaluation and self-understanding. These are important steps in creating a healthy and satisfying life--something we all deserve."


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