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Kelly Woodruff


Kelly Woodruff

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since 2002

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Instructor/Practitioner Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection
Instructor Access Intution 101
Instructor Business Intuition
Instructor Artist Intution
Architecture and Interior Design



Our connection to The Universe and the information to be gained therein can facilitate healing, evolution, growth and change in new and powerful ways.

Reconnective Healing is a new form of healing that allows clients to make a direct connection to The Universe utilizing a new broader bandwidth of healing “frequencies”. This hands off method works through the powerful connection made between the client and God/Love/The Universe, creating a space for the client to receive exactly what is appropriate for them allowing the body to return to balance and for healing to occur.

The Reconnection uses these same set of “frequencies” to open and activate a new, 5th dimensional, “axiatonal” system within the client. Facilitating a powerful connection to the flow of The Universe, the client can then move forward in a more fully connected and evolved state along their life path.


Kelly Woodruff

New York City, New York
Phone 917.626.5547

Intuitive Readings offer insights and information available to all of us through and within the higher realms. This information can assist the client in understanding the “whys and hows” of current life, past life, and potential futures. Clients gain important insights that can smooth the way for growth and change.

Business Intuition allows the client to quickly see the truths about a business. How to make more money, what are the driving forces, areas of potential growth, how to tap into the market, staffing, and areas of congestion can all be quickly and easily assessed and a course of action planned, using information gained in a BI session.

Design services offered as a Partner in Bohn Associates, a high-end Architecture and Interiors firm that utilizes these principles in creating beautiful, transformational spaces.



"Empowerment through a deeper, clearer, stronger connection to The Universe is the basis for all of my work. Whether we are seeking healing on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual plane; or deeper insights, clarity and information; connecting to the infinite Wisdom and Love that is available to us can facilitate personal evolution at an entirely new level."


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