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Bhawani Sinanan

Diane J Hovey


Bhawani Sinanan
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since 2000

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Integrated treatment of mind/body/soul,
Craniosacral Therapy,
Energy work/Healing,
Therapeutic Touch,

Reconnective Healing,
Medical Intuition,
Shamanic healing



The more research teaches us about health and wellness, the more we understand illness and healing involve the mind, body and spirit. A single approach fails to address the complexities of who we are as individuals.

My work provides my patients a breadth of skills that address the expanse of who they are as a living, breathing, individual with a varied past and unique needs. While the work may appear seamless to my patients, it incorporates treatment modalities across a range of disciplines to address the different facets of physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.

My path, like my work, has followed a unique path. Starting in an operating room as a surgical technician and expanding into graduate work that took me into a mental hospital as an intern, and a neonatal lab as a graduate student researcher. At the same time I had the good fortune to become the last student of the last of the bloodline Kahuna’s in Hawaii. From there the next 28-years were spent as an engineer while gently fanning the embers of that start in life. Embers that became a flame in 2000 and created the path I now walk as a healer.



Transformational Healing
Ph.D., CMT

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Sacramento, California
Phone 916.925.8200



"Healing is a team effort. The role of a healer is to help remove the obstacles so that you can heal yourself."


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