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Bhawani Sinanan

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
& Acupuncture

Bhawani Sinanan

D.C.M., D.Ac

Bhawani Sinanan
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since 2004

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Chinese Herbal Medicine
Tui-Na Massage
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Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles into the body at specific points shown to be effective in the treatment of specific health related conditions. These points have been used for well over 2000 years

Modern research has shown the that acupuncture is effective in a wide spectrum of conditions

Very thin Acupuncture needles are quickly and painlessly inserted at specific points as determined by your TCM doctor according to the diagnosis and differentiation of one's condition and health patterns. Sessions may range between 20 - 45 minutes, a course of follow up sessions may be required depending on your condition and how long it has been present.

For over 2000 years traditional chinese medicine has been used to treat a wide spectrum of conditions and as a preventative tool towards disease. These safe and effective natural formulas are a complex combination of herbs that focus on helping treat the root problem of ones condition.



Bhawani Sinanan
D.C.M., D.Ac

85 Rosedale West, Unit 9
Brampton, Ontario
L6X 4H5
Phone 905.840.4474

375 Magna Dr
Aurora, ON L4G 7L6
Phone 905.726.7470

Each formula, be it a patent brand (prepackaged tablets), custom powder or raw herbs, have specific actions that are prepared and prescribed in accordance with Chinese medicine diagnosis made by your Chinese medicine doctor. As the condition being treated changes it is reflected in the composition of herbs in the formula.

Used with with Acupuncture, Chinese medicine works very well in supporting the progress from each treatment session.

Traditional Chinese medicine is about creating and maintaining good health. More so, it's about You and Your Health.



"I would like to thank my teacher for passing down this ocean of knowledge and entrusting me with this wisdom .It is important for each person to empower oneself, to make choices that are right for them as an individual and their health."


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